Saturday, December 30, 2006

My new find...**UPDATED

I'm listening right now!!! Of course I downloaded the player, so the sound quality is excellent.

ROCK ON!!!!!

Ok, so after downloading their player, under rock there is Radio 5150, all VanHalen & More!!! WOOHOO! I love the internet!!!

OK well I'll have to search this one again, but the link above is now spam, sorry all...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

White Lion - Wait

So I may not like "When the Children Cry" but this was one of my favs back in the day!!!

Ah the Green...

Ok, so I just got done reading this article on the yahoo front page

Good grief! Did my tax dollars pay for this study???

That was my first thought!!! It made me feel so old (could just be cuz my birthday was on the 24th). Now I am writing this here because in my "youth" I was so liberal, pro environment, I was borderline tree-hugger (coming from a long line of hunters & fishers, & Steel Plant workers). I did an environmental impact essay on an issue in school that not only got me an A+ (patting self on back) but prompted me to begin a letter campaign to my state govt. Ok, done patting, cuz I think the project happened anyways... but I digress...

The one thing I wanted to be when I grew up was an Environmental Engineer. I just knew that I was going to be helping companies become more eco-friendly & that sounded good.... Until I actually worked at it. I did an internship at a major CO. & found that it was really just the opposite, you were helping companies find the cheapest way to comply with standards, etc....

It all just brings back the disillusionment of youth! Oh, how I long for the 80s!!! Ok, not really, but then I do long to bring back the music!!!

BTW, I am now a conservative, how did that happen???

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees...

So in searching for more info on the Van Halen nomination I found a petiton website. Ok so I have no idea where it actually goes (like the people in charge of voting would really listen to us "the little people") but it was fun to read others comments!!! I am wondering if I am alone in the world of liking both Van Halen's.

David was awesome, loved the 1984 album, crank the radio every time "Everybody Wants Some" comes on. Sammy is my favorite, I am a chick! I think he was hotter than David (I was a little young to be into the spandex pants, weird & wacky stuff, I didn't get that until later with Poison & such). I even like the raunchy stuff better with Sammy. "Poundcake" just delivers the message a little more subtly (???) than "Panama."

It doesn't matter which one, as long as it is one or the other. I don't think both worked very well at all, and do true fans even mention the "Gary" period???

Ok, so go ahead & click the link to cast your vote & see what the other die hard fans have to say!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate this time of year, have a happy & safe season!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ah December 21st!

So as we come closer to the dreaded day (Christmas Eve) I find myself feeling a little older... Ok, so it's my birthday on the 24th. Ha, still makes me chuckle to know that I ruined the birth parents Christmas, neener neener neener(at least the "mom's" like I know if the "dad" was there...)! (Ok, so I was also adopted)

I thought I was finding it hard to feel festive before the weather reports, now it's darn near impossible! We are most likely going to have a green Christmas. I'm sure we'll get the weather that is in CO right now & there is always hope of a fluke Lake Effect Storm...

So I made paper snowflakes with the kiddos & started browsing amazon for some mood music!

Here is one I wish had samples. Southern Rock Christmas I may have to scour the net to get a listen to this one...

Oh yeah, now this is what I'm talking about!!! We Wish You a Hairy Christmas Gilby Clarke "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" Danger Danger "Naughty Naughty Christmas", LA Guns "Run Run Rudolph", Warrant "Father Christmas"... So I added it to my wish list!!! Dh will think I'm nuts when he logs in to the account again!

I can't help that I am a contradiction/ polar opposites.... I also added some quilt in a day books & some other sewing books....

And for those who love a good axe...
Merry Axemas, Vol. 2: More Guitars For Christmas Ted Nugent Rocks!!!


Merry Axemas Joe Satriani "Silent Night/Holy Night Jam ", Alex Lifeson "The Little Drummer Boy ", Steve Vai "Christmas Time Is Here"

I love surfing the net for good music!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What I'm listening to now.

For all of my raving on 80s hair bands I am finding myself drawn to the "angry" music of today. I'm not sure what it's appropriate label is, but I know that I am addicted to Nickelback's All the Right Reasons this one has some great songs like "Photograph" 7 "Savin Me" that are a little tamer than "Never Again" & "How You Remind Me" off of Silver Side Up or "Figured You Out" off of The Long Road But then there is always "Animals" to satisfy your thirst for music to make you blush by.

And oh yeah, change the channel when the kids are in the van with you! Last thing you want is them walking around Grandma's singing "So come on B***H get in, just get in"

I think I am drawn to them because they can put out an album (wow that dates me) that has "Figured You Out" & "Someday" on it but it still works! Not unlike Look What the Cat Dragged In With "I won't Forget You" & "Talk Dirty To Me." Guess I'm just into the hidden complexities of the artists I listen to (tee hee).

Saturday, December 16, 2006

80s Metal Stripped Vol 1

Ok so the snippets from this one aren't so bad. But then most of the songs on this CD were already tame, power ballad-esq.

This one will go on my list of favs!

How did they go so wrong with Volume 2???

Silent Lucidity by Queensryche was always a fantastic song, no matter what! The only song on here that I didn't like was "When the Children Cry" - White Lion...cuz I didn't like it in the 80s either. Ok, so it was ok, the first hundred times, after that it got a little old. Worth a listen - "I saw Red" Warrant & "When I Look into Your Eyes" - Firehouse.

Some things just don't make sense...

Like VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Volume 2. I have seen the series advertised & thought oh yeah I NEED these Cds... So I get my self to amazon...
and start listening to the samples... Telsa's No way out was good, Whitesnake's Here I go again - ok I didn't hate it, Winger's Madeline wasn't any worse than the original, Dokken's Into the fire, I was wishing for more. And Nelson...come on, felt like I was listening to 98 degrees...

Ok so over all, the samples weren't selling me on the CD. Maybe someday I'll download a song or two, but I'm not going to invest in the WHOLE series.

After all how can you REALLY strip down Metal??? Then it isn't metal anymore, is it???

Decide for yourself, you can click the link above & take a listen. Of course they are just brief snippets of the song. I would think they would want to play the best parts...but maybe they don't want to sell the CDs...

Of course Metal purists will argue if any of the bands featured were ever "Metal" to begin with...

If I am wrong & you can't live with out this in your collection then feel free, maybe I'm just a 80s hair band snob!

Friday, December 15, 2006

whitesnake - here i go again

Ok gonna try this again, video didn't show up last time.


These guys are still making music. They rocked when I saw them in concert a couple of summers ago.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last minute holiday shopping is always the best part of the season!!!

I know that I took care of at least a few on my list with iTunes Essentials – Handpicked Holiday Hits

My sis is huge into her ipod & now her dh has one... I love that you can either download a cert or get cards! I also know that our Wal-Mart has them to buy as well...Shop at Wal-Mart

I just wish my Dad was so easy! What do you get the guy who has everything, but needs everything??? I'm thinking clothes... Can't think of anything else he needs & he doesn't want anything.

The kids are done (woohoo) we got the Princess a Disneys Princess Dress up trunk with accessory.(ok, so wigs, dresses, shoes...) and the Prince got a Game Boy Micro Black. He wanted a DS, but he is only 7... I got the micro on Black Friday, so got a great deal on it, maybe in a year or 2 he'll be ready for a DS (or whatever they have then).

DH is impossible, we weren't getting anything. Cuz we need a new printer. But I want a good one, photo, office, scan, fax....I want it all & I don't want to have to spend 2x the cost of the printer to refill the ink.... Guess that's asking too much!

The Epson Stylus Photo R380 Inkjet Printer is one that is high on my list, but then I am just not sure about the ink consumption. I really like & at the same time dislike the separate color cartridges...

Of course a $140 printer is a good printer to me...Considering the last printer I bought was $30 & that was only cuz it came with both ink cartridges ($55 worth of ink..) DUH!!! That was a no brainer, of course I tossed the printer because it took the same ink as my all in one... Ahhh where are those deals now....

Whitesnake-Here I Go Again

I know can't be alone when I say this vid is HOT!!! Made me want a Jag.

Alice in Chains - Don't Follow

So it's not an 80s band or song. But it always inspires a sing along at our parties! We have done this in basements, bars, around bonfires, to quitar, to the CD... I know the vid isn't the greatest, but it's better than some of the covers....

Monday, December 11, 2006


Once you start looking you can find a ton of 80s hair band stuff out there! I am constantly listening to our Sirius 80s hair band station. We have Dish so I just click over to 6023 & dance away!!!

I wouldn't call myself a metal freak, I have always been more of a pop, glam rock, power rock kind of girl! Granted the classics are not lost on me, I am just as likely to be listening to Ozzy as I am Bon Jovi!

As big into the music as I am I can't say I've been to a ton of concerts. In fact I've only been to 1 80s hair band concert & that was Cinderella 2 years ago! They toured with Quiet Riot, Firehouse & "Ratt". I say "Ratt" becasue of course it wasn't all of Ratt & the lead singer they brought wasn't quiet right for the sound. Talented sure, but not who my companions wanted to hear!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Poison - Something To Believe In

One of our more popular choices for party music. It always inspires a sing along!!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Def Leppard - Love Bites

My all time favorite Power Ballad PERIOD!