Sunday, December 17, 2006

What I'm listening to now.

For all of my raving on 80s hair bands I am finding myself drawn to the "angry" music of today. I'm not sure what it's appropriate label is, but I know that I am addicted to Nickelback's All the Right Reasons this one has some great songs like "Photograph" 7 "Savin Me" that are a little tamer than "Never Again" & "How You Remind Me" off of Silver Side Up or "Figured You Out" off of The Long Road But then there is always "Animals" to satisfy your thirst for music to make you blush by.

And oh yeah, change the channel when the kids are in the van with you! Last thing you want is them walking around Grandma's singing "So come on B***H get in, just get in"

I think I am drawn to them because they can put out an album (wow that dates me) that has "Figured You Out" & "Someday" on it but it still works! Not unlike Look What the Cat Dragged In With "I won't Forget You" & "Talk Dirty To Me." Guess I'm just into the hidden complexities of the artists I listen to (tee hee).

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