Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Easy Access...

To your horoscope that is!

I am not really a horoscope person but I often feel that reading past ones & what my personality are "supposed" to be like is a tad freakishly accurate!!! So finding the Starware Horoscope Toolbar was a great thing! It is a cool download for those of you who MUST know what your horoscope is before you start your day. You get one click access to your daily horoscope right from you Internet window. I know how big of a pain it is to get to mine which is somewhere on that page I set up... Now one click & there it is, in all it's freakishly accurate splendor. Letting me know that I am a Capricorn & there is NOTHING I can do about it.

Some cool features are that the toolbar even gives you toolbar search, auto search & related search as well as other regular features found in a toolbar.

I love that it has a built in weather button & areference button that keeps you one click away from an encyclopedia of information.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My new playlist

I found the link to Project Playlist during the Blog Party. It's hard to believe I've only had it for such a short time, but it is now every where!!! I even have it on myspace!

The selection is great, I have had some issues with songs not working after you check them, but they are hosted by others so....... Who Cares! I love that I can change the colors, shuffle the songs, even add like up to 70 songs. That would really mess with my computer!