Saturday, December 30, 2006

My new find...**UPDATED

I'm listening right now!!! Of course I downloaded the player, so the sound quality is excellent.

ROCK ON!!!!!

Ok, so after downloading their player, under rock there is Radio 5150, all VanHalen & More!!! WOOHOO! I love the internet!!!

OK well I'll have to search this one again, but the link above is now spam, sorry all...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

White Lion - Wait

So I may not like "When the Children Cry" but this was one of my favs back in the day!!!

Ah the Green...

Ok, so I just got done reading this article on the yahoo front page

Good grief! Did my tax dollars pay for this study???

That was my first thought!!! It made me feel so old (could just be cuz my birthday was on the 24th). Now I am writing this here because in my "youth" I was so liberal, pro environment, I was borderline tree-hugger (coming from a long line of hunters & fishers, & Steel Plant workers). I did an environmental impact essay on an issue in school that not only got me an A+ (patting self on back) but prompted me to begin a letter campaign to my state govt. Ok, done patting, cuz I think the project happened anyways... but I digress...

The one thing I wanted to be when I grew up was an Environmental Engineer. I just knew that I was going to be helping companies become more eco-friendly & that sounded good.... Until I actually worked at it. I did an internship at a major CO. & found that it was really just the opposite, you were helping companies find the cheapest way to comply with standards, etc....

It all just brings back the disillusionment of youth! Oh, how I long for the 80s!!! Ok, not really, but then I do long to bring back the music!!!

BTW, I am now a conservative, how did that happen???

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Nominees...

So in searching for more info on the Van Halen nomination I found a petiton website. Ok so I have no idea where it actually goes (like the people in charge of voting would really listen to us "the little people") but it was fun to read others comments!!! I am wondering if I am alone in the world of liking both Van Halen's.

David was awesome, loved the 1984 album, crank the radio every time "Everybody Wants Some" comes on. Sammy is my favorite, I am a chick! I think he was hotter than David (I was a little young to be into the spandex pants, weird & wacky stuff, I didn't get that until later with Poison & such). I even like the raunchy stuff better with Sammy. "Poundcake" just delivers the message a little more subtly (???) than "Panama."

It doesn't matter which one, as long as it is one or the other. I don't think both worked very well at all, and do true fans even mention the "Gary" period???

Ok, so go ahead & click the link to cast your vote & see what the other die hard fans have to say!