Saturday, March 24, 2007

FlipTrack Coolness!

Okay, so I was just introduced to the cool new website Flip Track it is a download that will allow you to add music to your pictures to create a video.

You can upload it to your website & everything! They have an okay music selection & even neat special effects & transitions you can use. Some of their tunes seem to be covers, but that's okay, as long as they are good! They seem to be working with Barenaked Ladies, so their stuff is original.

I did try to search for specific artists but the site wouldn't let me, kept sending me back to browse videos, even though I was searching music. Then, it is a BETA so I'm sure there are kinks to be worked out!

I'm not sure if I'll be downloading it yet, we still need to upgrade the RAM in the new puter & I am still trying to recover all my pictures...that said i will definitely be back once I'm up to speed!