Monday, December 11, 2006


Once you start looking you can find a ton of 80s hair band stuff out there! I am constantly listening to our Sirius 80s hair band station. We have Dish so I just click over to 6023 & dance away!!!

I wouldn't call myself a metal freak, I have always been more of a pop, glam rock, power rock kind of girl! Granted the classics are not lost on me, I am just as likely to be listening to Ozzy as I am Bon Jovi!

As big into the music as I am I can't say I've been to a ton of concerts. In fact I've only been to 1 80s hair band concert & that was Cinderella 2 years ago! They toured with Quiet Riot, Firehouse & "Ratt". I say "Ratt" becasue of course it wasn't all of Ratt & the lead singer they brought wasn't quiet right for the sound. Talented sure, but not who my companions wanted to hear!

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