Friday, October 5, 2007

I have been watching just avoiding the inevitable...

Rock of Love was on our TV set faithfully, if I missed it on the original air time I'd catch up during the week, the other 12 times they played it, some of them I have seen more than once.  Lacy falling off the bar, worth watching over & over, sorry, sucks to be that drunk, but funny to those who aren't!

So this Sunday is the "reunion" this should be like watching a train wreck & maybe we get to see what led to this... Over So Soon

I thought I had it called when on a fluke I checked the final 3 my space pages & Jes was listed as "taken".. so I figured after watching the final show I was right, but maybe not the relationship we were hoping...

Ah well, I guess it's hard to be a rock star & find a true girlfriend.  Wouldn't now personally never met a REAL rockstar!

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