Friday, March 9, 2007

Van Halen in the news again

Ok, I am all for self improvement but come on... After all the fan support over the years & they weren't even planning on attending the Hall of Fame ceremony & the tease of the possible tour now off (postponed, called off)... I can't take it!

At least Sammy says he'll be there with former bassist Michael Anthony & expects David Lee Roth to be there as well. In an interview by Joel Selvin, Chronicle Senior Pop Music Critic SAMMY Post-Van Halen, Hagar's been riding high on his own tequila. Now comes rock enshrinement. Hagar gives a witty look into his post Van Halen life & current business ventures.

I'll admit it, I am a Sammy fan, I liked their music better, but that could be because that was on the radio more when I was younger. I think prior to my discovery of a classic rock radio station I had only ever heard Jump & Panama. So I am biased, plus Dreams is like my favorite chill out song. But dudes, we love your music (except for the gary thing, but all was forgiven with your reunion tour in 2004)

All I have to say is this... I have worked with plenty of people I don't like. You suck it up for the pay check...if you don't want the pay check then you quit. You don't walk around saying that you are best buds & gonna do great things. I don't think any reasonable fan expects the band to get along. WE DON'T CARE, just tour!!! I need a reason for a date with my dh...

At Van Halen News there is a brief very ambiguous statement from Ed Van Halen about him checking himself into rehab. He doesn't say for what, just that he is. I wish him a speedy recovery from whatever problem he has.

An a way cooler note...Velvet Revolver gets to induct Van Halen & will be preforming a medley of Van Halen music. I wish I could go, I wish they'd have the ceremony at the Hall of Fame, Cleveland is way closer than NYC is...

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Belladonna said...

I saw Sammy Hagar perform as a warm up act for Boston MANY years ago in Phoenix. (Very pre-Van Halen). Sammy kicked Boston's ass. The man had so much energy and power and raw music it was a sight to behold. Boston paled in comparison - very little interaction with the audience. They might as well have stayed home and worked on another studio album. I felt almost voyeristic rather than engaged in their performance. Isn't the whole point of a live gig to bounce energy with the room? Sammy sure did... one of my top three shows I ever attended.